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Christmas Time Is Here

Written by & copyright of Earl Bacon Foxonian at aol.com

Featuring Cassie, Alex (Cassie's drummer), Cindy (Cassie's bassist), Laretta 
rhythm guitarist), Rachel (Cassie's keyboardist) Vixina (Cassie's fiddler) 
and Slim
(Cassie's chief roadie)

Cassie, the Rock & Roll Vixen

Please read the prequil, "Inquiring Minds Want To Know", featuring Cassie, 
(Cassie's former drummer) and Jim, a character created for that story at

All characters created by & copyright of Earl Bacon except Laretta, who is 
created by
and copyright of Andrew Cotton, Alex, who is created by and copyright of 
Donna Fritz and
Vixina & Cloudchaser, who are created by and copyright of Cloudchaser 

"Thanks for being with us and have a very Merry Christmas! We love you all!"  
exclaimed to the cheering fans in front of her.  Normally, the band wouldn’t 
be doing a
show, since they were off tour, but an old friend of Andy, the band’s 
furry-morph wolf
manager had asked if Cassie’s band wouldn’t mind doing a special concert to 
raise money for
a homeless shelter he was in charge of.

Not only did the band agree to do the show, but each member decided to get 
into the
holiday spirit onstage as well.  Cassie, the tall red fox furry morph 
vixen,had a santa hat
on top of her very long black wavy mane of hair.  Cindy, the snow lepoard 
bass player wore
a green t-shirt that said "Santa Rules!" around a pick of the Jolly Old Elf 
dress up in
red and white trimmed leather biker wear and sporting a pair black shades on 
eyes.  Laretta, the wolfess guitarist, had candy cane earrings on and she had 
the steel spikes on her wrist bands different colors of red and green.  
Vixina, the
bi-spectcaled fiddle player, wore a pair of denim short-shorts that had a 
Santa face
stitched into the left front pocket.  She also had the words "Peace on Earth" 
along the edge of her green fiddle.

Rachel wore her usual gothic beer-maid’s outfit, but she sported bands of 
real holly
around her wrists and a small snow globe on top of her keyboards.  Alex, as 
usual, went
all out.  The arctic fox drummer sported a custom made sleveless mini-dress 
that looked
like it was made out of green and red striped Christmas wrapping paper 
(actually, it was
made out of plastic).  Her drum case was out lined with strings of chasing
multi-colored Christmas lights and she had a pic of a snowman taped to her 
large snare drum.

For an encore, the band went into a heavy metal instrumental version of "Deck 
The Halls"
that would have put Ted Nugent’s cover to shame.  After the concert, Cassie 
and Cindy
had arranged a little Christmas party for the band in the suite of the hotel 
that Cassie
and her band were staying in.  As the the rest of the band came in and began 
to sample some
of the buffet that the hotel staff had set up for them, the red fox vixen sat 
down on
the sofa, removed the light blue pumps that matched the color of her 
sleveless low cut
double thigh slitted dress and placed her human like, nylon stocking covered 
feet on
the coffee table just in front of her.

"Cassie?" Alex began as she sat down on the sofa next to the red fox vixen.  
"What are
you doing for Christmas, if it’s okay to ask?"  "No, it’s okay" Cassie began 
as she put
down the diet soda she had strted to drink on a coster next to her feet on 
the table."
Let’s see, Foxonian and I are going to spend Christmas Eve together at our 
home on
the Berkshires.  Then we will give each other our presents, both the 
"wrapped" and
the "unwrapped" ones."  Alex giggled at Cassie’s "unwrapped" remark, but 
allowed the red
fox vixen to continue.  "Then, on the day itself, we go to visit Foxonian’s 
Nice people,by the way."  "Later that day, both my parents will come up to 
parents for dinner.  My dad and his dad have become quite close.  Must be 
age, plus a
shared love of Cab Calloway."

"That sounds really neat, Cassie!" Alex began,  "I’m spending my Christmas 
with Rafe!
He’s going to take me to meet his parents too.  I can’t wait to meet them!"  
"Sounds like
you-all hav' a dandy tahme comin’ fer sho!" Vixina said as she walked over to 
sit next to
Alex on the sofa.  "Ah remebah mah fust Christmas with Cloud an' all his kin. 
 What a
fine bunch of people they ah!  Whut a time we had!  Plus, mah kinfolk to real 
nice shine
to Cloud!  Ah cain't wait t' see them all again this yeah, 'specially mah 

"Well, I have you gals all beat!  Guess what I’m doing?"  Cindy said as she 
brought over
a chair and sat down backwards on it, resting her arms on the back as she did 
so.  Usually,
a woman wearing a mini-skirt wouldn’t sit backwards on a chair (especially if 
there were
men in the room.)  However, since this was an "all-female" sort of thing and 
really didn’t care what she did, it seemed perfectly natural. "Okay, I’ll 
bite. What are
you doing for Christmas, Cind?" Cassie asked with a slight grin on her 

"I’m riding with a bunch of femaile Harely owners, both furry-morph and 
human. We’re
starting in Frisco, Ca. on the 23rd and were heading straight down to Tijuana 
Mexico for
the 25th!"  "Guess Santa will be on a dune buggy when he visits you guys, 
huh?" Alex said
with a slight laugh.  "No way, lady!" Cindy said.  "He rides a Harley Road 
King with
Ms. Claus in the side car!"  "You would say that, Cindy!" Rachel the 
deer-femme replied
from across the room where she was currently engaged in a conversation with 

During this little discussion, Cassie sat back and reflected at how well 
everybody in the
band was getting along.  No fighting, egos,or any of the other rubbish that 
clouded her
past times in various bands.  This group was turning into a "family" of 
sorts, with herself
as the matriarch.  Cassie thought that this was the best Christmas present 
could recieve.  A band with great chemistry, making great music.  Who could 
ask for more?

"Hey!  What are you two guys doing for Christmas?" Cindy said in a loud voice 
across the
room in Laretta and Rachel’s direction.  "I’m going up to Canada to visit my 
Haven’t seen them in a long time," Laretta said as she gave a wink to Cassie 
who returned
the gesture.  "Umm," Rachel began hesitantly, "I’m going to finnish putting 
my 58 New
Yorker into storage for the winter, then do some work on the synth programs I 
putting off."  "That doesn’t seem very Christmassy" Alex said in a muted 

"Sorry, Guys," Rachel replied between sips of non-alcholic egg nog, "But I’m 
only a marginal Christmas person.  I look at the day as a chance to get 
caught up on things I usually don’t have time to do.  I don’t have any 
family, so it makes sense for me."  After some offers to share their 
Christmas by each of the other members (which Rachel refused politely) the 
discussion was brought to an end by a knock on the door.  Laretta opend the 
door to reveal a short, brown faced, furry morph Santa that sprouted 3 in. 
whiskers on his short muzzle and had a long, thin brown tail that jutted out 
behind his suit.  The faux Sanda arrived a big red bag filled with presents.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!, Merry Christmas everybody!" the faux Claus said as he enterd 
the room with
his bag.  "Hey, Slim!  Are moonlighting now?" Cindy asked with a laugh.  
"Very funny"
Slim began, "Keep that up and Santa will give you a lump!"  "Of what, Coal?" 
the snow
lepoard asked.  "No.  Just a lump on your head by this!"  Slim said as he 
swing the bag
of goodies in the direction of the smirking Cindy.  "C’om on ladies.I have 
gifts for all
of you!" the Slim-Claus said as he placed his sack down and opened in in the 
center of
the group.  He then proceeded to hand out gifts to all the band members, 
though Slim
pretended to hide Cindy’s gift before giving it to her.

As the furry morph ladies began to unwrap their gifts, Cassie gave the 
otter-Claus a slightly stern look and asked, "These aren’t ’gag’ gifts.  Are 
they Slim?"  "What??  From me??? " Slim replied with a shocked look on lis 
otter-like face.  "Yeah, from you," Cindy began.  "If I should find either a 
sex toy or edible underwear in here, you've had it, Slim ol' boy!"  "I’m 
shocked that you would think that I would do such a thing!" Slim said with a 
wide smile on his muzzle.

"Watch out, Cass.  I don’t like that look on him!"  Cindy commented as she 
began to open
her gift.  "Hey! Lookit this!" Alex said as she held up an ornament shaped 
like an arctic
fox and a set of eight drumsticks with her name engraved on them.  "Thanks 
Slim!" the
arctic fox vixen said before going over to the otter Claus and ginig him a 
big kiss on
his muzzle.  "Mine’s even bettah!"  Vixina said as she held up a pair of 
denim "Daisy
Dukes" type short shorts with both her name and an American flag stiched into 
the front
left pocket.  She also got a cute little plush fox that she quickly brought 
up to her face
and snuggled.  "This heah li'l fella is just cute as a dickens!" the 
vixen said as she looked at the plush fox again.  Vixina then walked up to 
Slim and
said "Thank yew so much, Slim!"  She also gave the otter a kiss on the 

As the gifts continued to be opened, Cindy rushed over to Cassie's side and 
began to whisper in her ear, glancing at slim as she did so.  A very 
mischevous grin formed on Cassie’s muzzle  as she nodded in agreement to 
everything Cindy was telling her.  The gifts contuned to be opened.  Rachel 
got a set of gothic jewery and some black nail polish, Laretta recived 
multi-colored guitar picks and a set of new studded lether collars and 
open-fingered leather gloves.  After each gift, Slim got a nice kiss on the 
muzzle, the otter looking happier each time.

After Cindy showed her gifts, an ornament of Santa riding A Harley and a 
black t-shirt
that said "You got a problem with that?" in white letters, the snow lepoard 
walked up to
Slim and threw her arms around him.  Hugging him tight and lifting her left 
leg and
wrapping the same leg around the otter’s back, she gave him a slow, 
passionate kiss.
At first, the rest of the band was slight suprised by Cindy’s behavior, but 
upon seeing
Cassie trying not to giggle, they soon caught on that the two of them were up 
to some
mischief of some sort and decided to applaud Cindy.

As the snow lepoard pulled away from a still stunned Slim, Cassie opened her 
an ornament shaoed like a purple electric guitar and a heart shaped ornament 
that was
signed by Slim and the rest of the road crew.  "Why, Thanks you so much, 
Slim! I think you
know what’s coming now," Cassie said in the most sultry voice she could 
muster.  The tall
red fox vixen then slowly rose from the sofa and slink-walked over to the 
trembling Slim.  When came within inches of otter-Claus, Cassie pushed Slim 
down until he
was flat on his back.  Then Cassie spread her stocking-covered legs until 
they stood out
from the sides of her twin-thigh slitted dress.  The red fox vixen then 
lowered herself
onto Slim’s stomach, her legs pressed tight aginst the otter's sides.

With a sly grin, Cassie then took her two black furred paw hands and ran them 
through her
long wavy head hair in one of those ultra-sexy slow gestures, tilting her 
head back
and closing her eyes as she did so.  Then, looking down on an otter with eyes 
hubcaps, Cassie slid off the shoulder straps of her dress, so the front fell 
down almost
to the nipples of her large white fur-covered breasts.  With a slight giggle, 
Cassie then
bent down and gave Slim a slower passionate kiss.  The vixen’s head hair 
coverd both faces
as Cassie continued kissing the otter Claus.
Right,Cass!! " Cindy exclaimed as the rest of the ladies cheered and 
As Cassie rose up from being on top of  a smiling Slim, pulling up the front 
of her dress
as she did so, she asked. "What do you want for Christmas Slim?"  "I got my 
presents for
the next 20 years!" an extremely happy Slim replied as he stood up.  "Hey, 
how bout’ a
toast?" Vixina said as she began to pass cups of egg nogg around to everybody 
in the room.
As the cups were in hand, Laretta asked "could you make the toast, Cassie?"

Cassie smiled and raising her mug in the air, said "You have made a dream of 
mine come
true.  To make the best music possible.  I toast you all!"  After drinking to 
that toast,
Alex then raised her cup and said "I want to toast Cassie.  Without you,I 
never would have
the happiness that I have now. Merry Christmas Cassie!"  After the rest of 
the group
echoed Alex’s toast, Cassie looked upon the crowd and with tears in her eyes 
said "Thank
you.  You are the best present I could ever get"

The End.

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