[Vfw-times] Final Fortress Archive Gazette (AKA story idea's)

Wolf0013 kryses0013 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 22:32:17 CDT 2001

Well, this'll probably be the last full gazette type e-mail I'll be
sending too the list.  There simply isn't any point...  Cause in two
weeks my website will be up and running, the gazette shall be a feature
of it.
Did I scare you all?  Sorry bout that.  
The site is complete is almost every aspect, but I want too add a little
more content too it before it goes public.  Right now, there's very
little there.  If anyone out there has art or stories that you believe
are appropriate for people of any age, or most ages, feel free too
submit them.  If you're unsure, send me a copy of what you'd like too
have put up and I'll tell you if it's within the web-sites standards.
Okay, on with the story idea for the month.  
Planetary TF
Okay, judging by the title of this idea, you might think this is
basically asking for more like Winds of Change, you'd only be half
right.  Here's the idea.  A god like being comes too earth and discovers
that humans aren't completely living up too their role on earth.  But if
he removes them it'll cause more harm then good.  
So he turns the world's population into half wild furries, but I don't
just mean humans, all animals above bug and plant level, are now
anthromophic.  This means that all animals are now a WHOLE lot more
intelligent, but humans now have a WHOLE lot of new instincts too deal
Of course you don't have too use the god being plot line, or make it
necessarily affect everyone.  Mainly I'd just like too see a story
universe where animals along with humans are TF'ed.
Native Plushie
This is quite simply an idea for a plot device, an authentic Native
American artifact, which resembles a stuffed animal, like a wolf fox
If I were using it, I'd put it in a plot line where a teen finds it, and
first thinks it's interesting, then tries too dismiss it as a play
thing, but becomes attached too it, dependent on it, kind of like how
children feel unsafe without a favorite stuffed animal.  Anyhow, I'd
write it about him slowly transforming, fully aware of what's happening
too him, but unable too bring himself too throw away the stuffed animal
which is cursed or something of the sort.  
That's what I'd do anyway.  I'm not certain if I'd stop the
transformation at morphic or full though.
Were Whale
Okay, this is very straight forward.  A young man in infected and
becomes a were-whale, I'd prefer Orca but that's just me. 
Anyway, the interesting thing about this curse is that he doesn't
transform back at the end of a full moon.  He does turn back though.
Either in stages, becoming more human as the moon hits certain positions
and such.  Or, it's dependent on him completing tasks.  Good deeds and
the sort.  
This is kind of a combo of a few ideas' I've posted before.  I just
wanted too put down an idea for an unusual type story. 
Wild imagination
Very simple, a furry artist or writer's creations begin too become real.
This is done by transforming people into physical copies of his
creations. Of course he doesn't know about this, at least not until
something happens too him at least.
I know this has too have been done before somewhere.
High School
Okay, this is a some what interesting idea.  Picture a world that's both
modern and heavy fantasy, all sentient creatures are born human, no
matter the species, their off-spring will always be human.  
This is where high school comes in.  All students must learn how too
live as what they wish too be.  Sounds simple, but I'm sure this'd have
a ton of repercussions.  Like, say one wants too switch courses, AKA be
something else half way through, and you still have too fit in all the
regular classes.
Man, I really wish School was like that for me.   
Well that's about it.  Hopefully you all will find this final E-mail
edition of the Fortress Archive Gazette mentally stimulating or some
such thing.  As always, I'd love too hear any comments, suggestions and
constructive criticism you all can muster.
In other words, please respond; I very much enjoy reading responses.
Signed: W.O.L.F 0013
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