[Vfw-times] Re: Final Fortress Archive Gazette (AKA story idea's)

James S Cole xanderfox at juno.com
Thu Jul 5 22:58:27 CDT 2001

On Thu, 5 Jul 2001 21:32:17 -0600 "Wolf0013" <kryses0013 at yahoo.com>
> Well, this'll probably be the last full gazette type e-mail I'll be
> sending too the list.  There simply isn't any point...  Cause in two
> weeks my website will be up and running, the gazette shall be a 
> feature
> of it.
> Did I scare you all?  Sorry bout that.  
> The site is complete is almost every aspect, but I want too add a 
> little
> more content too it before it goes public.  Right now, there's very
> little there.  If anyone out there has art or stories that you 
> believe
> are appropriate for people of any age, or most ages, feel free too
> submit them.  If you're unsure, send me a copy of what you'd like 
> too
> have put up and I'll tell you if it's within the web-sites 
> standards.
> Okay, on with the story idea for the month.  
> Planetary TF
> Okay, judging by the title of this idea, you might think this is
> basically asking for more like Winds of Change, you'd only be half
> right.  Here's the idea.  A god like being comes too earth and 
> discovers
> that humans aren't completely living up too their role on earth.  
> But if
> he removes them it'll cause more harm then good.  
> So he turns the world's population into half wild furries, but I 
> don't
> just mean humans, all animals above bug and plant level, are now
> anthromophic.  This means that all animals are now a WHOLE lot more
> intelligent, but humans now have a WHOLE lot of new instincts too 
> deal
> with.
> Of course you don't have too use the god being plot line, or make it
> necessarily affect everyone.  Mainly I'd just like too see a story
> universe where animals along with humans are TF'ed.
Ack I think the sudden exploshion of full sentients would actualy be a
problem.  Though I supose things might be diffrent depending on weather
or not they are human sized or the size of the animal they are like. 

> Wild imagination
> Very simple, a furry artist or writer's creations begin too become 
> real.
> This is done by transforming people into physical copies of his
> creations. Of course he doesn't know about this, at least not until
> something happens too him at least.
> I know this has too have been done before somewhere.
Jonny Kat the furry artist who created Roxxie Cat has several pannels of
a comic where his furry persona goes though something similar.  He makes
a deal with a demon that makes a drawing  of Roxxie come to life(but in
the confines of a peice of paper, and also gets a pair of toon gloves
that will turn anyone who wears them into Roxxie.  Course Jonny ends up
wearing the gloves himself.

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