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I don't know why I didn't think of posting here about this before.  Some of 
you may have already heard of Cassie the Rock Vixen or seen pix of her on the 
'net.  For those who didn't already know, there is an official page on her at


The page has several stories (you'll want to start with "Fifteen minuites to 
Showtime" 'cuz that's the first one), Cassie's bio, pix of the members of her 
band and over two dozen pic of Cassie herself by artists such as Terrie 
Smith, Jim Hardiman, Ken Sample and many more :-)  Also, all of the pix and 
stories are clean, so sensitive viewers don't hae to worry about being 
surprised by anything offensive :-)

Take care!  Wuff!

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Vixina, a fictional vixen who's my fantasy/dream girl (collection of 
images-bio available)
Cloudchaser's Homepage: (see link at top of Vixina's page)
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