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Sat Jul 21 22:56:17 CDT 2001


I am making this posting just to see if it'll appear in my own e-mail like 
it's supposed to.  Something quite strange has just started happening 
concerning *all* of the yahoo groups lists that I'n on and I want to see if 
it's happening with non-yahoo lists that I'm on as well.  The text between 
this paragraph and my signature, which is taken from a posting I just made to 
the most active of the yahoo lists I'm on, explains what's going on.  If 
anyone else is experiencing a similar problem with yahoo lists, can you 
please e-mail me privately and let me know?  Thanx!

I just now checked the yahoo groups site and according to it, 41 messages 
have been posted between 10 a.m. EST Friday and right now (11:15 p.m. EST 
Saturday).  Out of all of those, I have recieved only one message, the 
reminder about Anthrocon in general that this group's auto reminder list 
sent.  Does anyone have any idea why I am suddenly not getting this list's 
messages in my e-mail?  I did hear on CNN that the train tunnel fire in 
Cincinatti "...destroyed fiber optic cables, crippling internet traffic 
across the nation"  Could that have something to do with it?

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