[Vfw-times] Future of TCW

Eric Vary orenotter at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 25 05:44:53 CDT 2001

Many of you have been asking about the future of The
Changing Workplace, asking when Oren will be returning
to the TSA.  I have given rather vague answers,
because I planned on coinciding that event with its
real-life counterpart.
Now I can give a definite answer.  It is not going to
happen.  The new owners of the TSA list are three
people who are frankly quite horrible (Bryan Derksen
being the worst) and I have no intention of ever
placing myself under their authority in any way nor to
any degree.
Furthermore, after the strips which have already been
drawn have been exhausted, I will not be using any
characters whose real-world counterparts are still in
the TSA.  TCW will no longer feature the TSA in any
Furthermore please do not respond to this message if
you are a member of the TSA.

-Oren the Otter

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