[Vfw-times] TF moment

Eric Vary orenotter at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 30 04:14:22 CDT 2001

This TF moment is brought to you by Evolvco- bringing
you the finest in reverse-temporal engineering since

Ronnie had been up until four in the morning
the previous night.  He was up with his furry friends
telling them how much he wanted to be a fox.
That night, he'd slept fitfully, with disturbing,
droning dreams.
When he awoke, Ronnie found a most peculiar sight. 
His nose, now black and shiny, was nestled in his
russet-and-white tail.
It had happened!  Ronnie was a fox!  He had to tell
his friends!  Springing to all fours, the fox rushed
to the computer and pressed the on button with his
nose.  He followed all the usual routine, connecting
to his usual chat server with only a few points and
"Hi, Ronnie!" came the messages one after another. 
With a huge grin on his vulpine muzzle, Ronnie's claws
hovered over the keyboard.
He looked down.  Each key bore a totally alien symbol.
 Ronnie whimpered at the realization.
Animals can't type.

-Oren the Otter

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