[Vfw-times] Cloudchaser's website moved-also has 1 new page & Red Wolf furry webring

Rufinoform at aol.com Rufinoform at aol.com
Mon Mar 19 15:25:40 CST 2001


I'm sending this message to inform everyone that my website has moved.  The 
old URL was
the new URL is
If anyone reading this has a link to any page on my site, you need only to 
change the URL, not the filename.

I have been over the whole site at the new server, so everything on all the 
pages should work.

My site has a new page on it :-)  I built it to display all my favorites from 
internetbumperstickers.com in three different sections.  The sections are 
Humorus, Pilitical and True To Life

I reworked my Wolf Links page, putting the links for Red Wolves and Grey 
Wolves in their own sections, adding a 66K .wav of a Red Wolf howling and 
adding 18 new photos of Red Wolves for a total of 38 photos.  Five of the 
photo links are labled as being photos of Red Wolf pups, all but one of them 
being of pups that are very young & therefore very cute, one of them being a 
photo of a pup with its mother :-)

Finally, I have created a new webring titled the "Red Wolf Furry Webring" :-) 
 Anyone who is a Red Wolf furry with a furry website is welcome to join :-)

Take care!  Wuff!

Cloudchaser Shaconage, a chocolate & peanut butter lovin' Red Wolf furry
RL Red Wolf Facts:http://www.aza.org/programs/ssp/ssp.cfm?ssp=62
Vixina, my idea of the ideal mate (collection of images-bio available)
Cloudchaser's Homepage: (see link at top of Vixina's page)
fortunecity.com htm filenames must have uppercase letter or you'll get "file 
not found"
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