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Alright, here's the next chapter in my little tail.  I would like to say
that from this point on the story may be slightly rougher grammar wise then
I'd like.

I'd also like you all to note that I myself would rate this chapter
somewhere around PG-13.  It has some slight language and some mature
concepts.  I'm not adding these things for though, they're added strictly to
enhance the characters.

Now without further delay, here is the story.

------Shred with Chainsaw here-------

It was now third period, more commonly known as Art class. I was once again
back in my natural form, taking refuge in the back of the room away from
wandering glances.  It really bothered me to think what might be behind
those glances.

What if just one of them suspected? Would they condemn me, hate me?  Perhaps
maybe they might react like Christia did when she found me out?  My head
span with thoughts of how close I had come, of how bad it could have been.

When Christia caught me in mid transformation, well I didn't know what to
do. Thankfully though, the bell saved me. It rang loudly.  Oddly she dashed
off without a word leaving me to scratch my head in confusion.  It took me a
few moments before I realized that I had the privacy to change into clothes
that better fit my human form.

I returned to Mr. Buck's history class, and did all my work as if nothing
had happened, or at least tried to.  Maybe it was the upcoming full moon
tonight, but it's never affected me so early in the day like this. Maybe it
was the nervousness I felt from the glances I kept getting from Christia.
Emotions like fear anger and anxiety always made it more difficult to
maintain human form, but I've always managed to keep control.

In either case my body felt like it would burst if I stayed human and the
longer I waited the more difficult it became.  I spent the entire class
straining to keep my natural form from reasserting itself waiting
impatiently for the hour to end.

As soon as the bell rang I rushed out of the class avoiding Christy and made
my way to the locker rooms. I peaked into the damp musty room and to my luck
it didn't appear to be in use today.  Perhaps though, the gym teacher was
torturing students somewhere with a more casual dress code.

I sighed in relief and rushed in to find an isolated place to change. I
urgently needed to change back, but I didn't want to run the risk of
somebody invading my privacy again.

After a brief search, I found a private shower stall ran in and quickly
closed the curtain behind me. I relaxed and closed my eyes, letting the
change wash over me.  Unlike changing into a human, reverting to my natural
form wasn't painful.

My body tingled pleasantly as it began.  I felt my body begin to reshape
like clay.  An aching pain in my rear formed as my tail grew out and got
caught in a pant leg. My face swelled beginning to feel stretched as my
mouth extended into a muzzle.  The tingling pinpricks spread across my
entire body as fur began to rapidly grow across a changing body.  My senses
expanded, quickly becoming far more acute I could hear water dripping from
faucets and smell the stagnant stench of dirty clothing somebody stuffed
into a locker somewhere.

I heard slow tearing sounds as seams in my clothing gave way. I opened my
eyes turned around and saw my tail hanging out of a hole formed when my tail
burst free. I laughed quietly as I looked across a long furry muzzle at my
tail.  My natural form wasn't much bigger then my human form but I really
should have changed first. I guess I was in such a rush it had completely
skipped my mind. I began changing into my other set of clothing, laughing
occasionally at my own absent mindedness.

After I changed I left the locker room and walked slowly to my next class.
Once again everyone stared in awe over the costume they thought I was
wearing, but this time I sank back when people stared, I found myself
sticking to shadows when I could, and idly I found myself wishing this day
was over.  One person already knew, I thought to myself, how many more
people would discover my secret before the day was through? I picked up my
speed and rushed through the halls.

I walked into Art class, and received the usual praise and awe over the
elaborate nature of my costume, this time however I also noticed a few pairs
of eyes looking at me with distaste.  I tried to ignore it all and instead
think about all the fun things likely planned for today's class.  However
the glares were still there sitting in the back of my mind.

Ms Eli was generally very easy going.  She never made anybody work on a
holiday and in her mind every obscure event counted as a holiday and
deserved to be celebrated.  Today she sat up front grading work with a boom
box playing music on one side of her and a sign that said free time on the
other. On the floor next to her desk I spied a huge Pumpkin shaped piñata
that just begged to be smashed.  Despite how many things had gone wrong
today, I smiled at the thought of cracking open that Piñata.  Occasionally
she stopped and waved to students, however at the moment most of her
attention seemed focused on the tests we took yesterday.

Abruptly I felt an arm grab my shoulder and pull me to the side, "I've been
waiting for you," I looked over and saw Christy. "What's the deal with
avoiding me during history hmm?" she asked as she pulled me towards an
isolated table. "Awfully rude if you ask me, now sit!" she said sternly
while pointing to a chair.

I turned the chair around and sat down, leaning my front over the front of
the chair letting my tail hang free.  I sat limply lacking all enthusiasm
one might have when sitting next to such a pretty girl.  "Oh I'm sorry," she
said putting a face in front of her mouth trying to hide a smile. "I didn't
realize what that looked like." She said now honestly sounding apologetic.
"Will you forgive me?" she asked enthusiastically.

"Sure," I said unenthused while she sat down on a chair next to me.  "Just
don't give away my secret." I said quietly trying to keep other people from

"No problem," said Christy. "So are you a werewolf or an alien or what?"
asked Christia eagerly.

 "I'm a werewolf," I replied simply.

 "Thought so," she said quickly. "So can change whenever and wherever?" she

"Depends on my mood and the time of month," I said plainly, but generally I
can change almost anytime."

"That cool," she said while nodding. "Do you have a girl friend?" she asked
with a mischievous grin.

Thanks to selective hearing suddenly everyone in the room heard the question
over Ms Eli's boom-box and erupted with chatter.  "Way to go man!" yelled
one rowdy boy "Alright!" came another "What does she see in a dog like him?"
everyone seemed to have their own comment.

"What!"  I exclaimed quietly trying to make sure no eaves dropper could hear
from now on. "What sort of question is that?"

She laughed, "An awfully good one I'd say," she smiled and slapped me
heartily on the back.  "Relax," she said still giggling, "I'm just trying to
loosen you up, so don't have a heart attack."  I stared at her closely.

"You're weird, you know that right?"  She nodded vigorously.

"Yep" she said smiling. "Weird and proud of it!" she paused. "So how long
have you been a werewolf?" she asked as she leaned onto my shoulder lazily.

 "Uh," I stuttered, perplexed at her bizarre behavior, "well, I was born
one," I said quietly

"Really?" said looking up with amazement, "so you've changed during full
moons since you're a little pup huh?" she said more as a matter of fact,
"How cute!"

I paused in silence.  "You watch too many horror flicks you know that?"  She
looked up at me confused expression.

"Huh?" she asked perplexed.  "What's that supposed to mean?"

I breathed in deeply before answering.  "I was born like this," I said with
a deep sigh, "I'm not a human." I paused, "I'm just disguised as one." There
was a long uneasy silence between the two of us.

"Let me guess," said a familiar voice behind me, "she touched on a sensitive

I turned around and saw the same Asian girl that I met earlier leaning up
against a wall idly kicking her leg back and forth.

"Eh, hello," I said with a slight stutter. "Um, how are you?"

"You're sweet," she answered simply.  "You know that right?"

"Hey Nathan," chimed in Christia tapping my shoulder lightly, "Do you know
that girl?" she paused for a moment.  "I've seen her around before but I've
never really caught her name."

"If you've got a question ask me!" snapped the Asian girl angrily, "My name
is Lilith, there are you happy now?" she said in a near snarl.

"Whoa hold it!  Christy exclaimed putting her hands in front of her
defensively. "I'm sorry alright, I come in peace!"  Everyone in the room
suddenly seemed to turn their heads, looking at Christia with a confused
look on their faces.

"You may want to keep your voice down a bit girl," said Lilith coldly, "With
the exception of you and Nathan here no one can even see me, unless I want
them too that is."  Lilly grabbed a small pendent around her neck and began
swinging it playfully.

"Thanks to this little baby I'm holding here, everyone simply overlooks me
whenever I wish."  Lillith paused, smiling mischievously "It comes in really
handy when I want to go to the boys' locker room for a show."

"What?" Christy asked as she looked around at all the people that were
starring.  Slowly people began returning to their appropriate conversations,
dismissing Christia's bizarre behavior.  Meanwhile, I just sat there
clutching my ears in my paw like hands, trying to block out the chaos with
little success.

"Is it magic?" continued Christy quietly. "How come I can see you then?"

"Sheesh!" said Lilith suddenly "You ask too many questions. I just came to
show wolf boy here my costume.  Not to educate a simpleton like you."  At
this Lilith quickly jumped onto the table with much grace, turning around
after the jump in a single fluid motion.  Startled I quickly scooted my
chair back and with wide eyes looked up at the strange girl.

"Allow me to introduce myself," she yelled aloud as she gracefully began to
turn. As she turned the space surrounding her seemed to bend and distort
like some sort of trick with mirrors. Her entire body shimmered and changed.
It happened so quickly that it seemed instantaneous.

When I saw her face again as she turned around my jaw dropped.  Where once
there was the face of a human girl, there was the face of a fox-woman.  She
winked at me with intelligent eyes, shaking its head slightly letting red
shoulder length hair cascade down her back.  My eyes wandered down the body,
which was now, covered with some sort of blue decorative robe. From where I
was I could see an opening in the back where four bushy red tails fanned

"A Kitsune!" I stuttered stupidly.

 "A what?" echoed Christy even more confused.

 "Here we have Lilly Kitsune," said the robed fox-girl motioning to her
body. "Donned in a stylish traditional Asian Garb that compliments the red
of her fur," she said in a professional tone.  As she was saying this she
was walking up and down the table turning round and showing off her outfit
as if she were in a fashion show.

 I looked around the room quickly, noticing that nobody other then Christia
and I seemed to notice the strange show.

"Elegant and refined Lilly is dressed to impress." Lilith walked elegantly
along the table showing off in a bizarre manner. Casually she looked over to
Christia with a wicked grin forming on Lilly's slim muzzle.

"But for some real dazzle, Lilly knows how to really put the bite on."  At
that she gracefully turned around. The world around her bent and twisted
once again like a parlor trick.

Once again my jaw dropped my eyes going wide with shock. In an instant Lilly
went from a Kitsune to a near identical twin to Christia.  Shocked I quickly
did a double take of both their bodies subconsciously comparing the

Unlike Christia who dressed in a quite conservative flannel shirt, Lilith
was now dressed in tight skimpy cut off jean shorts, and wore a tight white
t-shirt which did little to hide Liliths' feminine features.  In-fact the
clothing seemed to exaggerate her features, or perhaps Lilith wasn't quite
an exact copy.

 She sat their smiling and posing, flaunting her stolen beauty with a look
of great joy on her face.  Christia on the other hand was sitting there
looking at Lilith with rage.  Her eyes were wide and angry her fists and
jaws clenched tight, it was such a frightening sight that I find myself
shrinking back.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?"  Yelled Christia outraged at Lilly's
latest antic.  Panicked I looked around the room frantically eyeing all the
people who were looking this way, perplexed with Christy's seemingly bizarre
behavior.  Even the normally easy going Ms. Eli was staring.  Christia and I
could see Lilith as plain as day but she was as good as invisible to
everyone else.

"Me," said Lilith mimicking Chris's voice perfectly. "I'm doing what I want
to do.  You have a problem with that?"

I reached out to grab Christy's shirt and stop her before she drew anymore
attention to herself.  But before my hand could reach her she jumped to her
feet a look of anger painted on her face.

"Of course I have a problem with that," exclaimed Christy. "You've taken my
body and dressed it too look like some shallow nympho!"  Christy didn't
notice as everyone began to whisper.  She didn't notice when Ms. Eli got off
the phone with the school office and began walking toward her. She didn't
notice anything instead all of her attention was focused on yelling at being
that no one could see. Everyone was convinced that Christy had gone insane.
She was sitting there yelling at air.

"What're you going to do next you little boy crazy freak," screamed Christia
in a craze, "strip!"

"Hey that's not a bad idea!" she began playfully lifting up the bottom of
her shirt.  In shock I shot out my legs and quickly got onto my feet.
Staggering backwards from the table I tripped on something I didn't see and
fell back onto the cement floor, the world around me going dark.

The world came back into focus slowly.

"Nathan, Nathan can you hear me?"  A familiar voice asked slowly.  My eyes
opened slowly, darkness slowly fading into light.  I quietly moaned in pain
responding to an ache in my head.  Ms Eli was over me, trying to get my
attention.  "Nathan, Nathan are you alright?"

"I'm, fine," I said slowly.  I looked around the room, eyeing all the people
that had surrounded me or stared at my fallen form from a distance.  Out of
the corner of my eye I could see Christia being led out of the room by an
adult I didn't recognize. "Where's she going?"  I said weakly.

"Where's who going?" asked Ms. Eli with concern.

"Christia," I answered simply.

"She's being sent home," answered Ms Eli as she got up and walked toward her
desk.  "Hold on I'm calling the nurse." She said from a distance.

I sat back, letting the world around me stop spinning.  I felt a hand fall
softly on my chest.  Quickly I turned slightly facing the source.  Lilly was
kneeling beside me, back in her Kitsune form, a devilish grin on her muzzle.

"It's just you and me now," she said as she closed her eyes.  Sudden warmth
spread from my hand into my body.  I felt instantly rejuvenated the aches
missing from my body.  I tried to sit up but Lilith pushed me back down.  It
dawned on me at that moment that Lilith had set Christia up.

"It's just you and me now." repeated Lilith with a strange gleam in her
eyes.  "I'm not going to let anyone take you away from me."

---End part five---

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