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Sorry, I've just been told that parts 4 and 5, were sent as HTML, and that I
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------cut with chainsaw here------

"Fascinating," I said to myself quietly.  "To think one person made all the
difference," I flipped to the next page of the book.

For an old man like me there was no more relaxing of an environment then my
library. Students of course were occasionally rowdy.  However, I've never
been able to hold it against them. No matter how much chaos these youngsters
could spawn life would always settle down into a peaceful state, such as it
was now.

I was sitting alone behind my desk, catching up on my reading of the Magical
World, when I heard someone open the door.  I looked up over the ridge of my
book and saw Lilith walking towards the checkout table, passing by several
rows of books.

A smile was painted on her elegant Asian features and she seemed to be
walking with an unusual upbeat gait in her step today, something I found
most curious.  She walked up to me casually and quickly waved a greeting.
"Hello Mr. Erickson," Said Lilly in an unusually cheerful voice, "How's
everything going with the council?"

"Alright, I said putting down the aged book I had been reading.
"Something's up," I said in a matter of fact tone, "Now out with it."
Briefly her eyes
went wide before she regained her composure.  Her previous smile swam back
onto her features,

"I, I think I met someone today," she stuttered out seemingly out of breath.

 I raised an eyebrow, although an old man, I still recognized the signs of a
crush when I saw them.  "Well," I said leaning back into my favorite oak
chair. "Tell me about him."  I expected some sort of defensive reaction, a
lecture or one of Lilly's witty retorts she's become famous for.

 "Well," she said unexpectedly still smiling, "he's a fellow student I've
shared classes with for years.  I've hardly ever noticed him before, but
today he did something so brave.  He came to school as his true self." She
paused seeming to stare off into space. "He's a werewolf."

"You mean Nathan," I said more as a fact then a question.

 "Yeah," she said, she looked at me puzzled, "how do you know him?" She
asked in a probing manner.

 I turned my full attention back too my book, swiveling my chair around away
from the young lady. "I know the name of every Myth that has stepped within
these walls in the last thirty years." I turned to the next page in the

"Has Dr. Tigner's new book been checked back in yet?" asked Lilith after a
long unwieldy pause. "I still need it for a report," I sighed.

I knew for a fact that her tutor had given her an assignment that required
that book, but I could tell that she was up to something.  Slowly, I put
down my book and bent over. I grabbed a book from my libraries special
collection. "Here you go," I said slowly getting up, thick leather bound
tome in hand. "Spells of Ancient Europe by Dr. Stephen Tignar," slowly I
rotated my chair around and dropped the heavy book down on the checkout
counter.  The book landed on the checkout counter with a soft thud.

"Thanks, Mr. Erickson," said Lilly while handing me her library card.  I
grabbed her library card and ran it through the electronic card reader on
the desk.

"That's a brand new book," I said as she picked up the book and her card
from the counter, "so please try to bring it back intact alright."

"No problem Mr. Erickson," said Lilith while she turned around, a huge smile
painted on her face.  She walked away rapidly, full of unrestrained energy.
I raised an eyebrow as I turned around in my chair.  For Lilith this was
very strange behavior.

I sighed and turned my attention back to my book.  The library was empty
again and I was left to my peace and quiet. In the back of my mind though I
made mental note that The Sheriff should definitely be informed of all this.

---End part four---

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