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All right everyone, I've got to say, this part was the longest most
difficult chapter in the series, for one reason only.

It's MATURE.  There's no hanky panky but parts of it deal with a very mature
subject matter and I didn't want to mess this up.

Future parts will be delayed due to the amount of time it took to do this

As always, comments are welcome, doesn't matter if they're good or bad.

-----Shred with Chainsaw here----

"So you had to leave school early because somebody pulled a prank on you?"
asked my friend Beth over the phone in a skeptical tone.  I sat on my back,
phone pressed tightly to my ear, looking at the walls of my room as my mind
spun explanations for my nosy friend.

"Yep," I said trying my best to sound honest.  "Somebody stuck a two way
radio in my backpack, used the thing to freak me out all day, making dirty
jokes and stuff.  I finally lost it and freaked out in art class.  So Ms Eli
sent me home."

"That sounds pretty far fetched to me Christia," said Beth still skeptical.
"Why don't you just tell me what really happened?" she asked pleadingly.

"I already did!" I said taking an offense towards her comment.  "I'm not a

"Aww come on!" whined Beth like a little girl.  "Don't you trust me

"Nope," I said light in a joking manner.  "Not since you spilled the beans
to my parents about the first time that jerk Carl kissed me."  I smiled
restraining a giggle.  Beth was a terminal gossip, but also was very
defensive about the fact.

"Come on!" she protested, "It's not like I did it on purpose, I didn't see
them behind me is all." I rolled over off of my back grunting in

"What about the time the time you leaked my measurements into the rumor
mill?" I said with annoyance in my voice.  "Everybody heard, and you knew I
didn't want that broadcasted!"

"Oh come on," pleaded Beth, "I was on a dry spell and I didn't think it'd be
such a big deal to tell people that you are SO well endowed."

"You shouldn't have done that Beth," I said while getting to my feet, "you
really have no idea how degrading that was."

I had gone through extreme measures to cover up my embarrassing little
secrets.  I wore loose fitting clothing, changed at home before going to my
track meets after school, I even ordered a terribly uncomfortable specialty
bra designed to cover such things up.  Then Beth blew my little secret to
everyone to everyone.  Beth learned about it during a camp out during the
previous summer, I trusted her then but later that year she developed an
incurable addiction to adding to the grapevine.  At some point she decided
that my secret was open game.

"Look I'm sorry Beth," said sound truly apologetic, "I was a stupid novice
back then and I got carried away.  Aren't you ever going to forgive me?"
She asked pleadingly.  The truth was that I had already forgiven her.  I had
called off our friendship.  But when several months went by and she didn't
seem to be making any new friends I rekindled my friendship with her out of

After Beth told some of the biggest gossips in school about how I secretly
concealed my figure.  Every hormone-crazed sicko in Greenwood middle school
seemed to think I was big game.  However one sicko did manage to catch my

"You're thinking about Carl again aren't you," asked Beth sympathetically.

"Yes," I answered simply, "I'm afraid I am."

"I warned you about him," said Beth, "He's nothing more then a big dumb
chauvinist freak." She said with anger in her voice.  Indeed Beth had warned
me of him, but at the time I was too angry with her to listen.

Carl Swanson, almost 6 feet tall, nearly 200 pounds of muscle and he was
only in the 8 grade.  As far back as I could remember, girls have always
fawned over they guy, he was big strong handsome, and to everyone appeared
to be both polite and courteous.  As soon as he was old enough his parents
signed him up for football, and he's been a star ever since.  So imagine my
surprise when I cornered me in between classes one day and asked me out on a
date before he even asked my name.  I was too surprised to think about
saying no.  That's when the teasing and pranks started.

I've always been athletic, and when I was younger I was quite the runner.
So when I entered middle school I joined the girls track team at my parents'
request.  What I hadn't learned till later was that many of the girls there
were only on the team because the felt it might give them a chance to get to
know some of the cute school athletes, and in particular Carl.

So once word got around that Carl had decided to date me, well things got
very difficult to say the least.  A group of girls in my track team had
decided to single me out and make my life miserable.  For weeks I put up
with insults, embarrassment and pranks, finding comfort with the idea that
the only reason they were doing this was because I had something they

But while this was going on Carl wasn't at all supportive.  In fact he
seemed delighted with the idea that girls would be attacking me because they
wanted him.  At first I thought perhaps I was being overly sensitive, and
that I really wasn't putting up with that much.  But as time went on my
relationship grew with Carl grew more and more uncomfortable.  Soon he began
asking me to do things with him that I just wasn't prepared for, and every
time I told him no he seemed to become angrier with me.

Then I started hearing rumors about my relationship with Carl.  Rumors that
said we were doing things together we shouldn't, rumors that Carl was only
my boyfriend because of my outlandish figure, rumors that said that I was a

The next time I saw Carl I was at his house.  We were going to watch a movie
together, I thought we were going to sit back, relax, and enjoy each others
company, I thought it'd be a good setting for me to forget the rumors that
had plagued our relationship.  But once the lights went out his arm went
around my neck and I felt Carl breathing on my neck.  I asked Carl for some
space and tried to push him off instead though he pushed himself onto me and
tried to force his tongue into my mouth while he grabbed my chest.  I
slapped him, struggled out of his grasp, and ran away while he was stunned.
He began screaming obscenities at me then bellowed an order to come back but
I was so afraid that I didn't even look back, even after I had ran out the
door.  The way he yelled and looked at me, I was afraid he was going to rape

The next day I told my homeroom teacher, and my parents, but neither of them
believed me.  My parents said that they didn't want me to go out with him to
begin with, and that I was probably too immature to understand what was
really going on.  Apparently they thought I had misinterpreted some sort of
romantic game Carl was playing.  My homeroom teacher on the other hand told
me that it was probably my own fault.  That I had probably been giving him
signals.  Problem is that after some time, apart of me started to believe
they were actually right, but I just didn't know for sure.

The rumors and teasing that I had experienced before, they all become worse
as time went on, especially when I went to Girls' Track.  I finally quit
when someone broke into my locker and stole a spare bra I kept with an
emergency change of clothes.  The next day just before everyone was
dismissed someone hoisted the stolen bra up onto the flag pole in front of
the school.  A crowd gathered to watch it wave about in the wind, catching
air like a sail.  I cried myself to sleep that night and the next day told
the coach that I'd be quitting track.

As time went on the rumors about me and Carl slowly faded, but I haven't had
a boyfriend since and that alone has generated rumors. To make matters
worse, being young nature wasn't through insulting me.  Like all young
girls, I would experience growth spurts, and my demeaning figure wasn't
spared.  So to this day I still wear clothes to conceal my figure, I'm just
too uncomfortable with people looking at me like I'm some sort of meat.

"Hello, Christia?" came Beth's voice over the telephone.  "Are you still
with me girl?"

"Oh, sorry," I said apologetically after realizing I had gone silent for the
last few moments.  "I just zoned out there for a moment I guess."

"No problem," said Beth quickly. "Now what's this I've heard about you
flirting with some guy today hmm?" Said Beth in a mischievous tone, "Is
little miss wallflower finally coming out of her shell?" she asked
devilishly.  I blushed feverishly at the question.

"What were you told exactly?" I asked trying to sound innocent.

"Nothing much," said Beth still sounding mischievous.  "Just that you were
all over some guy in a wolf suit at school," Said Beth impishly, "Care to
fill me in on the details?"

"What details?" I said sternly.  "I don't know what you were told but it
didn't happen!" I exclaimed.  "God Beth you're such a gossip!"  I said

"Alright okay sorry sheesh!" said Beth quickly.

"It's alright," I said trying to sound apologetic.  "Guess I kind of snapped

"I guess you did!" exclaimed Beth in a restless tone.  "You're so rude
Christy!" she exclaimed playfully.  I giggled despite myself and smiled.

Alright, you're right that was rude." I said conceding that fact. "But I'm
afraid I've got to go take care of some stuff."

"Aww darn it!" whined Beth again, "Are you sure you've got to go? She asked

"Yeah I'm sure Beth." I said while already leaning towards the receiver.

"Alright goodbye Christy," said Beth cheerfully, "Happy Halloween!"

"Goodbye Beth," at that I quickly hung up the phone.  "Does that girl ever
stop talking?" I asked myself as I let myself fall back onto the covers of
my bed.

"What a crazy day," I said aloud to myself. I thought back on the events of
the day that lead me up to here.  First I discovered the boy sitting in
front of me was a werewolf.  A werewolf, can you believe that?  At first I
thought he was just wearing a costume, so I didn't think twice about it when
I tugged his tail.  Then he jumped up and moved around so realistically.  At
that point part of me must have realized that this boy wasn't wearing a
costume, but my conscious mind took more convincing.  So when he went out to
change out of his costume at Mr. Bucks' request, I decided to follow him.

Several thoughts passed through my mind when he went into the boys'
restroom.  Needless to say for girls that place was a huge taboo.  And If I
went into there just to follow up on a gut feeling, well the rumors could
start all over again.  I stood there pacing back and forth for a few moments
before I finally made up my mind and walked into the Boys' room.

I walked in and was thankful that there didn't appear to be any other boys
present.  I heard movement in one of the stalls and walked over to the one
it appeared to be coming from. .  I saw that it was locked and decided to
give it a kick I was shocked when the door actually flew open, I didn't
expect that to work.  But I was even more shocked with what I saw before me.
Nathan was there as I expected, but he was changing before my very eyes, not
clothes but his body.  He seemed to shrink and twist quickly, like his body
was collapsing on itself.  But he didn't change into a monster; in fact I
realized it was quite the opposite.  Through a veil of shock I saw a wolf
man become a very normal and very frightened looking boy.

I've never would have believed it and really I shouldn't have, but I did.  I
was shocked yes but that shock turned into a strange sort of curiously that
well, just ate at me.  But I found myself still too much in shock to address
it, and ran off as soon as the bell rang for class, it proved a handy

My mind kept going back to the image of Nathan after he had just transformed
back into a human.  He looked like he was so afraid of me that he couldn't
think.  Now that I think about it, he did definitely have reason to be
afraid.  Somebody learned his secret and I can understand how frightening a
concept that can be.

I tossed and turned on my bed uncomfortably. Werewolves Fox-girls and magic
should scare me, so why wasn't I scared?  Restless, I turned over and got
onto my feet, and slowly walked over to the window.  Looking out over the
rain drenched world.

Something occurred to me as I stood there.  Lilith looked just like me, she
could have fooled anyone.  She was even able to copy my figure despite the
fact that she couldn't have known about my freakish body.

Idly I hoped Nathan hadn't noticed that, I really didn't want him to think
about me the same way all the other boys do.  I liked him, not in a gooey
romantic sort of way, but I liked him none the less.  He was very
interesting in a mysterious sort of way.  The fact that I've always loved
books about wizards and magical creatures didn't help satisfy my curiosity
all that much either.

I sighed out-loud to myself; I needed to talk to him again if only to clear
things up, but there was much more about him I'd like to know as well.  An
idea had suddenly struck me.  I turned around quickly and walked towards my
bookshelf. I smiled broadly at the plan that was forming in my head.

---End part seven---

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