[Vfw-times] TF moment

Eric Vary orenotter at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 12 23:30:02 CST 2001

This TF moment brought to you by the Kryplon clothing
company, tirelessly outfitting superheroes who would
otherwise end up naked.

"Take one step closer," said the evil wizard to the
knight.  "And you will sprout horns.  Two steps and
you will be on four hooves.  Take a third step toward
me and the transformation will be compete.  You will
be a wooly black ram."  The malicious mage sneered at
his enemy.
Bravely the knight stepped forward.  As the wizard had
promised, horns sprang from his head.  Fearlessly, the
good knight stepped forward again.  Immediately, he
fell forward onto newly formed hooves as his armor
began to disintegrate.
"You see?" tormented the magician.  "My magic has
never failed to turn a man into a crawling beast."
"Beeeeeast, yes!" the man-goat bleated.  Then, to the
suprise of his enemy, he dashed forward, and as he
assumed the full form of a ram, smashed into the evil
wizard's gut, sending him over the battlements to the
rocky moat below.  "Craaaaawling?  Haaaaardly."
"I wish aaaaaaall wizards were so stuuuuupid" bleated
the knight "as to fight their eeeeenemies by giving
them pooooooower."

-Oren the Otter

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