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Tea For Two

Written by & copyright of Andre' Cotton Wolfie8898 at hotmail.com

Featuring Laretta (Cassie's rhythm guitarist), Cindy (Cassie's bassist) and 
Ben Moss

Cassie, the Rock & Roll Vixen
Louve (link to Louve's personal website available)

Please read the sequil, "A Friend In Need", featuring Vixina (Cassie's 
Cloudchaser (Vixina's boyfriend) and Louve (Wild animals lead guitarist and
Cloudchaser's sister) at

All characters created by & copyright of Earl Bacon except Laretta, who is 
created by
and copyright of Andrew Cotton, Alex, who is created by and copyright of 
Donna Fritz,
Vixina & Cloudchaser, who is created by and copyright of Cloudchaser 
Shaconage and Ben Moss,
who is created by and copyright of Rick Hobson.

Special thanks to Rick Hobson for allowing the use of his character, Ben Moss

NOTE:  There is a brief scene of nudity towards the end of the story, but 
there are
no explicit sex scenes anywhere to be found and the nudity itself isn't 
explicit.  This
story is written entirely in a very tasteful manner.

ANOTHER NOTE:  Please refer to the previous stories written about Cassie and 
her friends -
"Radio Waves", "Girls' Night Out", "Sound of Love", "Old Habits", and "Change 
of Business" -
so that certain parts will make sense.

Another day, another successful performance.  That was certainly how Cassie 
and her band
mates liked to view things.  The band had just completed a tour of major 
venues, and they had just finished a very successful concert at the Millsburg 
Arena.  The
time had come for them to relax and celebrate, and each chose to do so in her 
own way.

Laretta, Cassie's she-wolf back-up guitarist, contented herself by reading a 
music magazine
in the band's trailer.  She was caught up in reading an article about an
up-and-coming alternative band from Canada.  Even though they were a human 
band, Laretta
was always interested in reading about fellow musicians from her home 
country.  She smiled
as she read, recalling how she was once a young and struggling musician, 
until she met
Cassie.  Even though she was not in Cassie's band for a very long time, she 
was amazed by
how quickly her life had changed.  She thought happily about how well she had 
friends with not only Cassie, but every other band member as well.  While she 
known Vixina, the Southern-bred fiddle playing vixen, at least as long as 
she befriended the newer members as well.  Cindy, the bass playing snow 
leopard whom
Cassie knew very well and who was top of the line in her field.  Rachel, a 
gothic doe who was nonetheless a master keyboardist and possessed a happier,
friendlier attitude than she let on.  And Alex, a horribly mischievous yet 
and likable arctic fox who played drums like the best.

With her black stiletto heeled pumps lying on the floor, Laretta had her sock 
feet propped up on an amplifier case as she read and relaxed.  Suddenly, the 
entry door swung open.  Laretta was momentarily startled, but calmed down 
when she saw that
it was Cindy.  The snow leopard was carrying her favorite bass and she was 
dressed in
her standard black leather biker ensemble.  She strolled in and set her 
instrument down
when she realized that she wasn't alone in the room.  "Oh, hey there, 
Laretta," she smiled
to the she-wolf, "I didn't know you were still hanging around.  Sorry if I 
you."  Laretta put her magazine down and shifted her posture as she happily 
"It's okay, Cindy.  I didn't have anything else to do, and I was probably 
going to call it
a night anyway."

Cindy nodded, looking slightly downcast.  "I wish we could hang out with 
Cassie and the
rest of the gang.  Cassie and I used to go out partying all the time when we 
in Furrosity, but nothing's the same any more," she frowned.  Indeed, Cassie 
and the
other band mates were spending the night exactly the way they wanted.  Cassie 
and Vixina
went out on a double date when their boyfriends, Foxonian and Cloudchaser, 
came into town as
a surprise.  They went out to have dinner and watch a movie, and were likely 
to be out for
the whole night.  Alex also received a surprise visit from her boyfriend, 
Rafael, and
they went out to spend the night dancing.  Finally, Rachel intended to spend 
time catching up with a friend from her old band who happened to be in town.  
They had
all already made their plans, leaving Cindy and Laretta by themselves.

Cindy took a seat for herself and sighed, "I really, really hate being 
jealous of my
best friends!"  Laretta nodded sympathetically and looked right across to the 
snow leopard,
"I know what you mean.  Whenever I see Cassie and Foxonian together, I can't 
help but feel
a little jealous and wish I had someone who loved me that much.  For my whole 
life, I've
never even had a boyfriend, and I always wish I knew what it was like to have 
one!"  Cindy
was quite surprised to hear this, "No kidding, Laretta?  Never in your whole 
life?"  Laretta nodded and grinned slightly at Cindy's surprised expression, 
"Yup, that's right.  I'm a
'never been kissed' type.  I think it's because I was always quiet and 
inconspicuous, and
no one ever paid much attention to me.  It didn't bother me, though, because 
I was
happier just sticking to what I liked to do, so I never had time for a 
boyfriend!  Now, I
wish it was easier for me to find the right kind of guy."

Cindy nodded and chuckled, "With the kinds of guys you find today, it sure 
isn't easy!"
She stood up and shook her head, sending her long silver braided hair 
flailing about.
"I don't know about you, but I'm in no mood to sit around moping all night.  
I want to go
out and hit the town!"  Laretta became slightly worried, hoping that Cindy 
didn't have
the wrong idea.  "What do you think you'd want to do, Cindy?"  The snow 
composed herself, understanding Laretta's concern.  "I know what you're 
thinking, Laretta,
and don't worry, I'm not about to go out and get wasted!"  She folded her 
arms with a
dismal thought, "You know, back when Cassie and I were in Furrosity, whenever 
I was bored
and alone, I'd reach for a bottle of Jack Daniel's," she frowned, "but..."

Laretta cut in and put her hand on Cindy's shoulder, "But I know you won't 
let that
happen ever again!  You've come too far and worked too hard to give up on 
yourself, Cindy.
I believe in you," she smiled.  Cindy shrugged and smiled back, "It sure 
helps to have
friends who care."  She put on her leather jacket as she continued, "At any 
rate, I
was thinking of a place recommended by someone I met in Alcoholic Anthros
Anonymous."  "Triple-A?" Laretta replied, giggling.  Cindy rolled her eyes, 
funny.  Anyway, you'd be surprised by the number of non-alcoholic bars that 
especially to people who want to stay sober.  Want to come with me and see 
what it's
like?"  Laretta nodded as she slipped on her pumps, "Sure, it sounds perfect 
for me!  For
some reason that has to do with the biochemical make-up of my body, I can't 
take any
alcohol at all.  Just a drop of the stuff makes me sick to my stomach!"  
Cindy looked a
little perplexed by Laretta's chatter, so she smiled and continued, "Besides, 
I don't
have anything else to do, so let's go!"

Laretta slung a black denim jacket over her body, clad in her red bustier, as 
she exited
the trailer with Cindy.  As they crossed the parking lot, the sound of her 
heels clicking on the pavement contrasted with the scuffing noise of Cindy's 
heeled boots.  They approached the place where Laretta's brand new car was 
parked, as
Cindy marveled, "Wow, Laretta, you got a Firebird!"  Laretta smiled and 
rubbed a hand on
her silver Pontiac's sleek exterior, "Yeah, that's right!  When I heard that 
was going to end, I just had to get one for the nostalgia effect.  Plus, it 
has a real
special connection to me."  "Really?  How so?" asked Cindy.  "Did you know 
that this one
was manufactured in Ste. Therese, Quebec?"  Laretta asked with a grin.  "I 
see," Cindy
nodded, "Showing off your national pride, aren't you!"  The two of them 

"Anyway, it's a nice car, Laretta, but I really prefer the feel of cool wind 
in my fur,"
Cindy replied,  "Would you like to get a ride on my hog?"  Laretta knew that 
Cindy loved
her motorcycle more than anything else on earth, but was somewhat perplexed.  
"Gee, Cindy,
is there enough room for both of us on your motorcycle?"  she asked.  Cindy 
grinned and
shook her head, "There sure is.  I've got a surprise for you!"  Laretta was 
about to ask
a question when they reached the spot where Cindy parked her treasured Harley
Davidson Sportster.  There it stood in all its gleaming chrome glory, and 
Laretta could
see exactly what Cindy meant as the snow leopard polished it to a fine sheen. 
sidecar?!"  Laretta marveled as she gazed over the black painted mini-cab 
with a
streaking orange flame attached to the Harley's right side, "Where on earth 
did you get
that, Cindy?"  The snow leopard shrugged and grinned, "It was an impulse buy, 
I thought it looked nifty, like in those old war movies, but don't you think 
it would be
great if I actually had a good reason to use it?"

Laretta could tell in which direction Cindy was angling her.  She was 
slightly nervous
about the thought of riding in a tiny cab, but Cindy was eager, and she 
didn't want to
act like a spoilsport.  "Sure, Cindy, it might be fun to ride in one of 
those," she
started.  Cindy just grinned and tossed a cherry red crash helmet towards her
unsuspecting companion.  "Here," she said as Laretta quickly caught it, 
"Better to be
safe than sorry!"  Laretta fidgeted with the straps on the helmet so that she 
adjusted it
to her size, as Cindy did likewise with her black helmet, though Laretta had 
to flatten
her ears down for hers to fit right.  She still had a bit of uncertainty as 
Cindy motioned
her into the cab.  "Maybe it's not too late for me to back out," she hastily 
thought as
she fussed with her seat belt, but as far as Cindy was concerned, they were 
ready to go.
She mounted the cycle and gunned the engine, which startled Laretta as the 
machine rumbled
to life.

"Uh, Cindy?"  she asked as she nervously fidgeted with her collar, "Are you 
sure this
is safe?"  The leather-clad feline flashed a wicked grin to her partner, 
there's only one sure way to find that out!"  With a lively rumble, Cindy 
the Harley into motion and peeled out into the street.  Laretta gritted her 
teeth and held
on for dear life (at least she thought so.)  After what seemed like an 
eternity of
zooming through turns and weaving in and out of traffic, they finally pulled 
into the
parking lot for an establishment with the name "The Blue Kangaroo" in gaudy 
green neon lights.

"I will never get tired of this!"  Cindy said with a grin as she removed her 
She dismounted the Harley and kept it in place, when she realized that 
Laretta hadn't
gotten out of the sidecar.  She was still seated, frozen in fear and keeping 
a white
knuckle grip on the cab's edge.  "Are you okay, Laretta?"  Cindy asked as she 
her companion unsteadily to her feet.  "Sorry about that, I should have 
warned you that
the first ride can be a little rocky!"

Laretta tottered slightly as she was still dazed, but eventually she regained 
senses.  "I'm all right," she said reclaiming her poise, as if nothing had 
"I'll bet," Cindy chuckled as she put her helmet in the rear trunk, while 
unfastened her helmet and did the same.  When they approached the front door 
the establishment, Cindy reached in her wallet and showed a card to the 
kangaroo doorman,
who gave it a nod of approval.  "Do they actually card you here, Cindy?"  
Laretta asked
with bewilderment.  Cindy grinned, "Not in the way you think.  I get a AAA
membership discount!"  Both of the ladies laughed at the little joke Cindy 
came up with.

The interior of "The Blue Kangaroo" was a very lively scene.  The large 
central part of
the room was the main dance floor, with platforms and walkways where 
confident revelers
could show off their dance moves.  A lot of young partygoers, human and furry 
were dancing the night away, waving about glow-stick batons as they danced 
Several others were playing video games on one side of the room, while older 
were relaxing and watching sporting events on a few large screen TVs in a 
lounge.  Cindy directed Laretta to a quieter area of the bar.

"Because it's a non-alcoholic spot, the place tends to draw a lot of young 
Cindy shouted to Laretta above the din.  Both were relieved to move over to 
the side
where there was much less action and noise.  "It can get hectic, but at least 
it's good
to know that none of these kids will be driving home drunk," Cindy said.  
Laretta just
smiled and nodded in agreement as they seated themselves at a table.

After only a moment, a young human waiter came to take their orders.  "How 
may I help
you ladies this evening?"  he asked politely.  "Well, I'll just have my usual 
favorite --
Fire Water," Cindy replied, looking up from her menu.  "What's that, Cindy?"  
Laretta.  "Cherry punch mixed with ginger ale, spiced with a little cinnamon 
and nutmeg,"
said Cindy with a grin, "They also have a version made with lemon-lime soda 
and mint
instead of cinnamon.  It's actually pretty good.  It has a real spicy kick 
that's even
better than booze!"  Laretta looked at her menu for a moment when she decided 
to get an
Ocean Breeze -- iced tea sweetened with blueberry juice.  "Excellent choice, 
the waiter replied, "Would either of you like something to eat with that?"  
didn't hesitate with her answer, "That depends on what my friend wants.  What 
it, Laretta?"  Laretta didn't seem particularly enthused by the menu choices 
-- mainly
nachos, potato skins, onion rings, and other greasy, heavy junk food.  "No 
Laretta replied, "I think I'll just stick with the pretzels and veggie 
sticks."  "I
guess we'll just stick with that, then," Cindy replied.  The waiter shortly 
with their drinks, to which they thanked him.  Laretta diplomatically raised 
her glass,
"To the single life!"  she said with a broad smile.  "Cheers to that!"  Cindy 
laughed as
they clinked their glasses together and both took a sip.  The moment seemed 
nothing less
than ideal to both of them.  They were in good spirits and good company, and 
would have asked for anything more than that.

The evening was relaxing enough, even the partying teens didn't disrupt the 
mood.  As she
took a sip of her drink, Laretta drummed her fingers on the table, searching 
for something
to talk about.  Cindy was eager to prompt her.  "A penny for your thoughts?"  
asked.  Laretta broke from her trance and gave her companion a thoughtful 
look.  "I was
just thinking back to our business meeting at Cassie's place, when Foxonian 
told us about
our label dropping us," Laretta started.  Cindy nodded, "Yes, what about it?" 
 "Well, you
know how we all agreed that the German label was the best way to go?  I've 
been thinking
about what it would be like if we gave starting our own label a shot.  Don't 
you think
it would have worked, Cindy?  We have an extremely loyal fan base, and the 
news could
have generated a lot of good press and a ton of sales.  Plus, we could have 
support from other old-school bands, and maybe they would have even signed on 
with us."

Cindy took a long sip from her spicy drink before responding.  "I see your 
Laretta," she replied, "and I agree that it would be great if our own label 
However, right now it's just too risky an idea.  Like I said then, I've seen 
a lot of
bands try their own labels with nothing good come of it.  The whole business 
aspect generates a lot of stress and headaches.  It takes a ton of money to 
get started,
and there's always the risk of losing what you put in."  She paused for moment
before finishing her point.  "There is something much more important we'd 
lose than money
if our label failed, though," she said calmly, touching her fingertips 
together so that
her hands made a triangle.

Laretta nodded slightly as she idly tapped the edge of her glass with one of 
her claws,
"I think I know what you mean.  We're all very good and very close friends, 
and if
business gets in the way, it could ruin that."  "Exactly!"  Cindy responded, 
"Cassie and
I have been around the scene for quite a while, Laretta.  We've seen some 
really ugly
band break-ups that even made Furrosity look like a picnic in the park!  My 
with Cassie, Rachel, Vixina, Alex, and you...that just matters too much to me 
sacrifice over some unimportant business conflict."

"You're right," Laretta sighed, "I guess that was just wishful thinking on my 
part."  The
snow leopard just chuckled in a good natured manner and patted Laretta on the 
"I didn't say there was anything wrong with that!  Wishful thinking can get 
some very
good things done if you can carry it through.  I actually like the idea of us 
having our
own label, but it's also important for us to keep our feet on the ground."  
She smiled
and curled her tail around one of the table legs, "For now, we're just going 
to have to
wait and see."

Laretta smiled and nodded, understanding the wisdom of her companion's words. 
had certainly experienced her own share of professional difficulties, and she 
was well
aware that patience and rational decisions were an essential part of the 
band's success.
She was about to ask Cindy about more of her past memories with Cassie, when 
their waiter appeared at their table with two large, exotic drinks.  "Um, we 
didn't order
any more drinks," Cindy told the waiter.  "Actually, these drinks are 
complementary from
the gentlemen at the table over there," he said as he pointed to a table in a 
dimly lit
corner of the bar, "I can assure you that they are entirely alcohol free."  
then," Cindy shrugged as she tipped the waiter.  "This looks a little fruity 
for my
tastes," Cindy said after the waiter left, peering at her odd concoction.  
nodded, "I'm not terribly fond of strawberries, myself.  So what should we 
Cindy shrugged, "Well, we should at least find out who ordered these drinks 
for us, and
give them a proper thanks."  She squinted to get a better view of who their 
admirers were.

"Hey, Laretta," she finally responded, "Is it just me, or do those guys over 
look familiar to you?"  Laretta craned her neck to look where Cindy was 
her attention.  It was difficult to make out the faces in the dim light, but 
Laretta was
able to see whom Cindy was speaking of.  "I think you're right, Cindy," she 
said, "They
look like the radio deejays who helped us promote 'Solstice' a while ago."  
"Hmm, fancy
that," Cindy said, "Let's go catch up with them, see what they've been up to."

Laretta nodded in agreement and rose from her seat as she walked with her 
companion over to where the jovial human and coyote 'morph deejays were 
seated.  The two
males certainly had no trouble recognizing their visitors, as they quickly and
cordially greeted them.  "Hey, long time, no see!"  said Bill the human as he
enthusiastically shook their hands, "Boy, you gals look as great as ever, and 
I can
honestly say that your music is still the best there is!"  Cindy smiled, 
"Why, thank you!
The drinks were a nice gesture, too."  Bob the coyote grinned and chimed in, 
"Well, you
know us, we always aim to please!"  He smiled at Laretta, "Especially when it 
means making
two such beautiful young ladies so happy."  Laretta giggled, "I'm sure your 
generosity is
its own reward."

Everyone enjoyed a good laugh, though Bill was quick to follow up.  "Listen, 
I really am
glad to have the chance to meet you here.  Laretta, I owe you a huge 
apology!" he told
the she-wolf, looking slightly flushed.  "I realized that after the end of 
our show, when
we read off all your names, I'd totally forgotten to read yours, Laretta!  I 
swear, I
don't think I've ever felt like a bigger complete idiot in my life!"  Bob 
gave a sly
grin, "Well, I can give testimony to times when you've lived up to that 
claim!" the
coyote snickered.  "Very funny, you," Bill said, glaring at his companion.  
Both Cindy
and Laretta laughed out loud at their antics, though Laretta managed to calm 
down enough
to give Bill a friendly pat on the back.  "It's okay, Bill," she smiled, "We 
make mistakes.  Don't beat down on yourself so much!"  Bill smiled, "Thanks, 
You're a real sweetheart."

Bob the coyote chuckled, unable to resist taking another jab at his friend.  
"We knew it
was an off day for Bill," he replied, "Why, remember at the very beginning?  
introduced himself as 'Bob'!  We got calls from several confused listeners 
who wondered
what 'The Bob and Bob Show' was doing on the air!"  He laughed heartily, 
though Bill
wasn't nearly as enthusiastic, "You don't have to rub it in, you know!" he 
shot back.
"Aw, I'm just funnin' you, you know that!"  Bob grinned.  Everyone laughed 
and got caught
up in the festive mood.  Cindy, however, calmed down enough to see that the 
human and
coyote deejays already had a companion with them.

He was a lean-looking white tiger with striking green eyes.  It wasn't really 
clear how old
he was at first glance, since his face had a look of rugged experience that 
could have
spoken for years, yet still had a touch of soft youthful innocence.  One 
would best
describe his overall appearance as a modern day beatnik.  His hair was as 
white as his
fur, even though he wore it long in the back, such that it was tied into a 
ponytail.  His clothing was equally simple and casual, consisting of a black
turtleneck sweater, brown corduroy trousers, and Birkenstock-like sandals on 
his white
furry feet.  What was most conspicuous about him was the classic styled 
mandolin slung
over one of his shoulders.  Unlike his companions, he seemed only slightly 
amused by
their chatter.  He clearly seemed like the type who preferred observing the 
actions of
others rather than joining right in.

Bill and Bob, on the other hand, were rather eager to make his presence 
known.  "How rude
of us not to introduce you all!"  Bill quickly remarked.  "Ladies, meet our 
Victor Hartmann.  He's a performer of folk and classical string music.  Even 
though that's
not our style of music, we heard he was promoting a special recording of his 
music from
a neighboring station, so that all of the sales would go directly as 
donations towards the
Red Cross.  We thought it was a great effort, and thought of getting to know 
him better, so
we took him out for the night to make him feel welcome."  The white tiger 
rose from his
seat and smiled warmly.  "Good evening, it's a pleasure to meet you ladies," 
he said as
he extended his hand.  "Thank you, the pleasure is all ours!" replied Cindy, 
shaking his
hand, and Laretta followed suit.

"That sounds like a wonderful thing you're doing, Victor," Laretta said, "I'm 
that you'd go to such great lengths to help so many people."  Victor chuckled 
"Well, I never expected to get rich in my profession anyway, so why not help 
out the
people who need it most?"  Laretta was slightly bemused to see how taken 
Cindy was
with Victor.  She didn't let it show, but Laretta could see how enchanted 
Cindy was with
the tone of his voice.  "To tell you the truth, I'm really not much of a fan 
of rock
music," he continued, "but I know all about your band with Cassie the Rock 
Vixen, and I
find your style of music very beautiful.  It's very classy and emotional, and 
I find I
enjoy listening to you very much!"

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