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I'm sending parts 1 & 2 of Wolfs story tonight. Enjoy and feel free to reply 
and comment. Send any to kryses0013 at yahoo.com



Greenwood Mythology: A Halloween to Remember
                            By: W.O.L.F 

"Whew!" I said as I busily waved fumes away from my face. "I'll never get 
used too the smell of spray on deodorant!"

Looking into the mirror a furry wolfish face looked right back into my eyes.  
I turned my head and it turned with me.  I opened my mouth and it revealed 
its long canine tongue and teeth.

I swiveled my ears and smiled, my white pointed teeth glistened and I beamed 
with pride and happiness over my appearance.  I loved how my grayish fur 
covered this well built body.  It felt unnatural to be human, and nothing 
felt better than casting 
off my disguise for a day.

My mother however, looking across me from the doorway to the bathroom frowned 
with disapproval. "Do you really have to do this?" she said in a voice oozing 
with concern.

"Mom," I paused, "I know this scares you, but I've got to do this, and 
besides," I said adding a lighthearted tone to my voice. "Who's going to 
believe it, I mean an American werewolf in High school?" I motioned towards 
my wolf like body as I said this. "The entire thing sounds like something 
from a cheap horror flick, doesn't it?" My mother frowned grimly at the 

"You should take your condition more seriously," she said while tightening 
her fists in worry. "Nathan," she paused suddenly, "innocent people have been 
murdered for being what you are." 

"That was centuries ago Ma," I said jokingly.  "You worry too much." She 
looked at me, the worry still painted on her face

 "But," she said loudly before pausing, "I don't want to lose you."

"Its okay, it's okay," I said while walking past her.  Honestly, I was a 
little worried as well. Things could definitely go wrong if I wasn't careful. 
But I wasn't about to worry her any more.

"It is, huh?" she said while following me through the house.  "Well, what if 
you're asked to take off your costume? What will you do then?" I cringed 
inwardly; I was hoping she wasn't going to ask many questions.

  "Well" I said while casually surveying a basket of clothes for my shirt. 
"I've already packed a change of clothes," I paused.  "Should the need arise 
I can change into my extra pair and nobody would be the wiser." I quickly 
glanced over at my mother and spied her glaring at me disapprovingly.  
Promptly I shot my glance back at the clothes.  

She was worried and she was right to be worried. Today however I wanted 
everyone to see the real me and I was worried enough as it was without 
letting her own concern pile on.

I bent over and grabbed a T-shirt with the picture of the American flag.  It 
would slightly too tight my true form but it'd have to do regardless.  "Hey 
mom," I said looking up from my pile of clothes.  "Have you seen my shorts 
with the tail hole already cut out in the back?"  

She sighed, bent over digging through a basket of laundry she had recently 
brought up to sort.  "Here," she said tossing a pair of blue jean shorts to 
me, "I washed them for you last night."

"Thanks Mom," I said a moment after catching the shorts. Swiftly I bent over 
and put the shorts on. Careful not to get my claws caught on the fabric. 

 My mother laughed, "What are you ever going to do when you live on your own 

"I don't know," I said while grabbing my backpack, "starve and wear dirty 
clothes I guess."  Mother rolled her eyes and smiled.  "Aw Crap!" I said as I 
looked out the window. My bus was early!  "Got to go Mom," I exclaimed 
quickly dashing down the stairs in a frantic manner, trying not to miss the 
bus. "Love ya, and I'm sorry I didn't take out the trash." 

"It's okay," she said waving "I love you too." I was out the door just as she 
said it.  Dashing through the front yard, ignoring the slight chill of the 
frost on the ground, I caught more then a few of my neighbors' eyes going 
wide with amazement over my costume.

"Hey Man, I yelled to the bus driver as I ran up to the side bus driver.  
"Thanks a ton for coming on time!" I said as I climbed in. "Three more 
minutes and she would have made me take out the trash."

The bus driver, a short man with long white hair laughed "Any time man, oh, 
and that's a great costume, I'm sure the ladies will love it!"  I rolled my 
eyes and smiled before heading back to find a seat.

"Happy Halloween man," I said on the way back to the seat.  I picked a spot 
somewhat outside of the crowds and sat, or at least tried too, first I had to 
struggle to find a way too sit and un-kink my tail, then I had to rearrange 
my legs, a half dozen other body parts, and I still wasn't comfortable.  I 
don't know who designed these seats but they weren't designed for humans, or 
werewolves for that matter.

Finally though I managed to get comfortable enough to lay back and close my 
eyes, pretending to be trying to get some rest before school, but I still 
didn't feel very comfortable. I opened my eyes occasionally, spying people 
staring and gawking at me. I didn't know if they suspected something or if 
they were just amazed by the apparent realism of my costume.  I closed my 
eyes again. Hopefully their gazes would fade away.

-End part one-

I walked down the halls of the school, eyeing everyone in their costumes as 
they eyed me, vampires, zombies, lawyers, all manner of monsters that would 
terrify normal humans any other day of the year. Mother tells me the council 
encourages the teachers and school board to promote this sort of thing on 
Halloween. I guess this is supposed to make people like me feel a little more 
at home.  

"Oh Hey great costume," said an acne covered student dressed as a Fire 
Fighter.  "Thanks man," I said absently giving him a tooth wide mouthed grin 
"Happy Halloween." 

Internally I cursed myself.  The acne covered student passed quickly, a look 
of confusion on his face. He must've seen my tongue move because he was 
suddenly walking away obviously contemplating how somebody could possibly 
create such a realistic effect.

I kicked myself, and internally took note to try to restrict my facial 
movements a bit. "Hey Happy Halloween," said a girl dressed up as a vampire, 
breaking me out of my internal daze. 

"Oh thanks," I said a making conscious effort to restrain a smile. "Happy 
Halloween to you too," casually I waved as I passed her, and slowly made my 
way through the halls towards my first class.

It seemed like everyone wanted to say hello, which I didn't mind one bit.  
I'd stop whenever someone wanted me to, some wanted to see me pose a bit to 
get a better look as my 'costume', some girls even wanted to get their 
pictures taken with me. It was rather embarrassing really but it felt nice to 
be showered with such attention, and I couldn't really say no to them.  
Little by little these stops added up.

 The bell rang just as I dashed into the classroom. Everyone's eyes seem to 
fall upon me as I froze in embarrassment.  Everybody was already in their 
seats. They were staring at me, the workaholic who never missed a class and 
was never late. It struck me though that they were staring for another 
reason. "Eh, hello," I said unsteadily.

 "Is that you Nathan?" rang out the voice of Ms Baker, having recognized my 

"Yeah," I said trying to act as normal as possible, "Were you expecting 
someone else?" I commented casually.  "Wow!" she said amazed, "That's some 
costume you've got there, if I didn't know better I'd say you were a real 

"Sure does look, good doesn't it?" I said with a casual chuckle. "Actually it 
isn't a costume I'm real werewolf taking advantage of the holiday."  I 
glanced across the room, spying everyone begin to whisper and murmur, at that 
moment I regretted that comment and I felt like running off with my tail 
between my legs.

 "Right, whatever you say," said Ms Baker as she inspected me from behind her 
desk. "Where'd you get it?"

"Oh um, it was a," I paused to think, I wasn't prepared for that question. 
"It was a custom job, yeah," I said stuttering a lie, "yeah, I paid a friend 
of mine to create this for me; he works for a small special effects company."

"Really?" she paused for a second and took another look at the costume. 
"Well, I'll have to look into getting a custom job done next year myself," 
said Ms Baker turning her attention back to her work. "I'll let you get away 
with being late this one time, but don't make habit of it.  Please take a 

"Thanks Ms Baker," I said while gingerly making my way too my usual desk.  
Class went its normal route after that.  Tests were given, questions were 
given, and answered.  As always I answered everything without difficulty and 
spent most of my time looking out the window towards the woods behind the 

"Okay everyone," said Ms Baker ten minutes before the end of class. "Put down 
your pencils and pass your work to the front. You may have free time for the 
rest of the class."  Eager for the change of pace, I quickly passed in my 
work and jumped to my feet.

"Hello there," suddenly came a soft pleasant voice behind me, quickly I 
turned around to look into the eyes of a beautiful Asian girl with long raven 
black hair.  "I've been watching you today, and I must say I love your 
costume."  Her voice was genuine, flirty, and sarcastic, like she was trying 
to share some strange joke with me. 

"I'm sorry," I said swallowing my throat, "I am afraid we've never met." I 
tried backing off slowly, but she seemed to be matching me step by step.  
"How sweet, you're shy," she said with a smile. "I want to show you my 
costume, later during third period.  We have the same class that hour."

"We do?" I stuttered in confusion, "I've never seen you there before!" for 
that matter, I'd never seen her anywhere before, ever.  "Oh you're so sweet!" 
she said as she grabbed me and then affectionately rubbed up against my 
chest.  I suddenly tensed, finding myself unable to do anything to break out 
of the grasp of this girl, as if this she had some strange hold on me beyond 
the obvious.  Slowly she let go of my waist, and looked up into my face, 

"Seeya then Wolf Boy." And with these words she turned and walked away, 
seeming to disappear without a trace into a crowd. Suddenly I realized that 
I'd been holding my breath for a very long time. I exhaled and slumped over a 
little bit, even as the other 
students gathered around me to see ask me about my costume.  They asked 
questions and seemed totally unaware that the Asian girl had ever even been 
there. I tried to be polite, but in point of fact my mind was on the strange 
girl I had just met. Something about her seemed very familiar, but at the 
same time I found that I was terribly frightened of her.

End part two

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